Before the Wedding

Where are you located?

Right now I’m based in Los Cabos, México, but I’ve made dozens of weddings in Riviera Maya and other destinations all over México.


Do you only shoot in México? 

No, I love to travel and I’d be happy to shoot your wedding anywhere in the world.


Do you charge extra for traveling?
No if your wedding is in México as long as it is booked at least 6 months before the wedding day, if your wedding is outside México, we can make an arrangement depending on where in the world it is.


What kind of camera equipment will be used?
I use professional photo-equipment, including cameras and different lenses with backups of everything in case there is a malfunction as there are no second chances at a wedding.


Do you also shoot video? 

I don’t, but if you need a videographer for your wedding I can recommend some.


Will you actually be taking our wedding photos?
Definitely yes! If you need a second photographer let me know in advance. Also sometimes I work with an assistant to help me with the equipment or specific moments.


Do you have full availability on the wedding day for all the hours we need?

Yes, I never make any other plans for a wedding day.


Should we meet you before the wedding? 

Sure! I highly recommend we meet before signing the contract (this can be through Skype) and also meet in person one or two days prior to the wedding, we can drink some coffe, get to know each other and talk about any details for the wedding.


How do we hire you? 

Once I confirm my availability for your date I require a 20% non-refundable deposit. This retainer secures the date, time and our services for your wedding day. After that, we will both sign a wedding photography contract. Please note that the only way to guarantee a booking is by paying the retainer or payment in full. The 80% remainder is due in cash on or before the date of your event.


Can I reserve a date without a retainer fee and/or contract?



How far in advance do you book?

I take bookings up to 12 months in advance of the wedding date.


What’s your cancellation policy? 

Once you sign our photography contract, I block your wedding date for you only and do not accept other events the same day. For this reason, the initial deposit is non-refundable, but I can certainly transfer the deposit to another date based on availability.


What information do you require before accepting a retainer fee and booking a date?

If you request a quote, I will send you a little format that you need to fulfill for me prior to the contract signing. You will find basic information like names, number of guests and place of the wedding for example.


What kind of payment do you accept?

I do accept cash, bank transfer payments and PayPal. (Clients are responsible for the 4% commission payable to PayPal).


Can I give you a credit card number over the phone?

Unfortunately this can be subject of misunderstandings, so I only accept cash, PayPal, or bank transfer payments.


What if I have some ideas for photographs?

I am open to all suggestions and requests and would be more than happy to get the kind of images you want, this is why it’s so important to meet prior the wedding day.


What is the best time for a ceremony?

The best time is the afternoon, like 1 to 1.5 hours before the sunset but not necessarily too close.


Do you do Trash the Dress photoshoots?

Yes, of course!


My hotel wants to charge a fee for external photographers, is that normal?

Yes, most of the hotels specially in the major touristic places have their own photography concession so they charge a fee for external photographers, this can go from 100 to 800 USD depending on the hotel. In this case the fee would be passed onto the client.


During the Wedding

Can we give you a list of photographs we want you to take? 

I don’t really recommend it, most of the time that list describes family pictures with bride/groom and general details that I as a photographer usually shoot. Also that kind of kill the vibe doesn’t it? Trust me, and if you feel like I’m missing something just tell me and I will put my eye on it!


We’ve never made a shooting before, will you guide us?
There are certain parts of the day that must flow naturally like the getting ready and ceremony, If I need to get an specific shot I’ll let you know so you can help me certain scene happen just avoid awkward poses and fake smiles. During the photoshoot I might ask you to pose a little bit but not too much, nobody likes staged photos.


What about the time between the wedding and reception?

That time is usually used to shoot the bride-groom photosession, I prefer to stay in close proximity to the reception area to make the best us of our time.


What about food? 

Of course you are not obligated to feed me, but when you book for full coverage it’s always nice to eat a sandwich and fries to recharge batteries for the hours to come! That ensures that I stay full fueled for chasing the best moments of your day! If it's easier to include me in your meal plan, I’ll be more than happy to sit with your guests or find accommodations with your wedding planner.


Once the time in the contract has finished, is it possible for you to stay longer and take more photos?

Of course, I have the full date available for anything you need on that huge day. In that case, an hourly rate will apply and has to be paid in cash at that moment.


If we add that extra time, will that additional images be included?

Sure, my objective is to deliver the most complete story of your special day.


After the Wedding

When do we get to see our pictures? 

You will have the online gallery ready in 4-6 weeks after the wedding, (usually before, depending on my schedule).


How many pictures do you deliver? 

All of them. The number of pictures I take during your event depends on many factors: Type of event, number of guests, if you require 1 or 2 cameras and hours of coverage, among others. On average I delivery between 50 to 70 images per hour.


Who owns the pictures?

You own all the best edited images with “home use rights”. That means you can use your images for anything you want except any activities that generates any income for yourself or the people you give them to. Also I might use some of your pictures for personal uses like advertisement and proof of my work, in case you don’t want your pictures to be shown publicly I would ask you to sign a document staying so.


Can I print my own pictures?
Of course, I deliver the HD files so you can print canvas or big format pictures out of them.


Are all the pictures we get retouched?

Yes, I make sure all the images delivered have a correct work of basic postproduction. However, if you want the service of photoshop or soften skin work, an extra fee will apply. 


Do we get prints from you?

No. Our packages include all the digital negatives so you can easily create prints of your choice.


Will our photos be marked with your logo?

No. There is no branding or marking on the High Resolution files.


Do you keep copies of our images?

Yes I archive your wedding images for 6 months. Passed that time, I make a selection of a few for advertisement purposes, so I highly recommend that you do your own back up as well.


What about photo books?

Wedding Books are not included. If you really want one, I’ll make it for you with my trusty company with an extra cost. For the benefit of the client the books are designed, printed and delivered to your address.